David Goggins Daily Routine

David Goggins

David Goggins is an accomplished military man, ultra-marathon runner, motivational speaker, and author. He is the only man to have completed Navy SEAL training, Army Ranger Training, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training earning him the title ‘’toughest man in the world’’.

So what does a normal day look like for this Superman?


  • David is a true early riser as he begins his day at 3.00 am.
  • Rehydrates with a glass of water
  • Practices mindfulness meditation for 10 minutes
  • He either goes for a 2-hour stretching exercise that includes hamstring stretches, hip stretches, quad stretches, tricep, and bicep stretches, as well the side oblique stretches to awaken his muscles, or goes for a run.
  • Typically runs for 10-15 miles daily depending on whether or not he’s training for an event.
  • Cycles for 25 miles to work
  • Takes a 5-mile mid-morning run at 11 am.

Throughout the day

  • Practices intermittent fasting and delays taking meals until after the mid-morning run
  • Takes breakfast consisting of bullet-proof coffee with unsalted butter and MCT oil along with steel-cut oats and blueberries or 2 fried eggs to fuel his body.
  • Gets to work that includes preparing motivational speeches, writing, and managing his business.
  • Finishes work at around 4 
  • Cycles for 25 miles back home


  • Goes for an evening run covering 5-6 miles.
  • Prepares and takes evening meal consisting of pork chops, grilled beef, chicken, or fish along with steamed vegetables.
  • Settles to read a book specifically motivational or self-improvement books and even biographies.
  • Spends time with his wife
  • Retires to bed at 10 pm

Dr. Sam Bunting Morning Routine

Dr. Sam

Dr. Sam Bunting is a renowned London-based cosmetic dermatologist and entrepreneur who believes that self-care begins with self-awareness. She opines that adopting certain habits will enable you to win your morning and consequently your day.

Wake Up:

  • Dr Sam wakes up at 7.00 am.
  • She then starts her day by practicing Vedic meditation for exactly 22 minutes. This process involves using a mantra to settle the mind and find internal peace for the day.
  • She sets the meditation mood right by ensuring that the room smells nice which she achieves by lighting jasmine-scented candles.
  • After meditation, Dr Sam goes for a workout to fuel her body and boost her overall wellness. She combines HIIT on a rowing machine for cardio and resistance training with weights for strength.
  • She then jumps in for a cold shower spending between 1-2 minutes in cold water to help enhance her mood and boost alertness.
  • She then goes ahead to take a protein-rich breakfast.

Physical Activity:

  • To fuel her body, Dr Sam carries out invigorating exercises to boost energy levels and improve general wellness.
  • She uses a combination of HIIT exercises with a roller and cardio exercises to get a total body workout in a short period. 
  • She also practices strength exercises using weights.


  • Dr Sam nourishes her body by taking protein-dense diets which ensure optimal nutrition for both her mind and body.
  • For breakfast, she prioritizes protein-rich foods such as bagels, yogurt, nuts, and seeds. She prefers a cup of English breakfast with a dash of oat milk. She also incorporates blueberries for a healthy dose of antioxidants.
  • She avoids taking caffeine outside breakfast
  • She takes nicotinamide mononucleotide supplements to promote cellular mitochondrial health and brain function.
  • For lunch, Dr Sam prefers sweet potatoes with spices plus greens such as avocado, cherry tomatoes, rocket,  and seeds or sweet potatoes with feta, falafel, and smoked salmon.
  • May take a cup of decaffeinated coffee after eating.
  • Snacks on an apple with a spoonful of nut butter.
  • Healthy curries or baked salmon with spinach and tahini make dinner for Dr Sam.
  • To wind down, she has ginger or mint tea and on some occasions, Tony’s Salt Caramel chocolate or a couple of candy kittens.

Work Day

  • Dr Sam spends most of her day in a flow state, fully absorbed in work with no space to get bored or worried.
  • She takes short breaks during work and practices a process called physiological sigh which involves taking deep breaths followed by long exhaling.
  • This takes about 3-5 minutes and helps improve oxygenation and keep her calm and alert.

Evening Routine 

  • Dr Sam’s evenings are mainly focused on relaxation.
  • At 10 pm, she switches off all screens to prep her mind for sleep
  • She then performs her pre-bed rituals which include having a warm bath, doing a night skincare routine, playing some classical music, and dimming lights.
  • She takes magnesium supplementation to help increase her dopamine levels.
  • For better relaxation and sleep, Dr Sam practices Yoga Nidra especially when she is having trouble switching off. 

Mark Wahlberg Daily Routine

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg, an American rapper, actor, entrepreneur, and a father of four made headlines when he shared his intensive daily routine. 

The schedule starts very early in the morning and includes two workout sessions and cryotherapy.

Come with us as we dive into Mark’s daily schedule.


  • Wakes up between 3.30 am and 4.00 am.
  • Spends the first 45 minutes praying 
  • Prepares and takes breakfast of steel oats, blueberries, eggs, and peanut butter for the daily dose of healthy fats and calories.
  • Starts his workout which lasts between 3.40 and 5.15 am and involves using the RAMP technique followed by unilateral and bilateral strength training using heavy bands and free weights.
  • The workout includes reverse lunges, vertical presses, and overhead presses for weight training.
  • Goes for his post-workout meal consisting of three turkey burgers, five pieces of sweet potatoes, and a performance-inspired nutrition vanilla latte protein shake. 
  • Takes a shower
  • Heads to the golf club at 7.30
  • Gets back home between 8.30 am and 9 am
  • Enjoys a snack of ten turkey meatballs
  • Heads to the Cryo chamber for a recovery session
  • Takes another snack consisting of grilled chicken along with two boiled eggs and a salad containing olives, avocado, cucumber, tomato, and lettuce.


  • Does his work from home which includes answering emails and calls and attending to his social media between 11 am and 1 pm.
  • Takes lunch consisting of New York steak with green peppers
  • Resumes to work involving answering more calls, emails, and texts between 2 pm to 3 pm
  • Picks up his kids from school at 3 pm
  • Takes another snack consisting of grilled chicken and bok choi at 3.30 pm


  • Heads for his second workout session at 4 pm which he begins by listening to Sportscenter on ESPN, then transitions to music, and ends on the VersaClimber for his cardio. 
  • Takes a shower
  • Goes for dinner consisting of fish such as seabass, halibut, or cod along with some vegetables or sauteed potatoes with his family.
  • Spends quality time with his wife and kids
  • Retires to bed at 7.30 pm aiming for 6-7 hours of sleep daily to ensure optimal recovery from his workouts.

Peter Attia’s Daily Routine: Longevity Optimised

Peter Attia

Peter Attia is an American-Canadian physician best known for his nutrition, fitness, sleep, and overall wellness expertise. Attia has put up strategies focused on promoting a longer, healthier life filled with physical vitality, emotional balance, and mental engagement.

Morning Routine

  • Wakes up early, usually at 4.00 am
  • Rejuvenates with  sugar and caffeine-free Biosteel sports hydration mix
  • Meditates for 20 minutes with apps such as Waking Up and  10% Happier.
  • Takes his daily morning supplement stack which includes 1 scoop of Athletic Greens (AG1), 2 SlowMag tablets, Curcumin Extract, Fish oil, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Baby Aspirin, Methyl B12, and folate, and a protein powder shake.
  • Enjoys a cup of hand-crafted French press coffee
  • Fuels up with a high protein breakfast consisting of 8 eggs with toast and butter or Keto-friendly cereals specifically, Magic Spoon cereal or whole foods.
  • Follows up with a protein powder shake made with almond milk, high-quality protein powder, and frozen fruit.
  • Does foam rolling and mobilization movement to prep his body for exercise
  • Has a 60-90 minute workout focused on functional strength training and high-intensity cardio.

Peter Attia’s Workout Routine

Peter designs his workout routine around four major objectives which include:

  • Stability training consisting of daily exercises to promote joint stability and balance
  • Strength training which includes 3 sessions focusing on major compound lifts.
  • Aerobic training which includes 3 hours of cardio training per week split into 3-4 sessions targeted at building aerobic endurance.
  • Anaerobic training which involves 2 weekly sessions of high-intensity interval training.


  • Kickstarts his day with an extensive array of supplements aimed at providing essential nutrients for longevity.
  • Opts for a high-protein breakfast
  • Adds a protein shake to meet his daily protein requirements
  • Prefers chicken salad mixed with vegetables, dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and occasionally hard-boiled eggs, avocado, and cheese.
  • Recommends intermittent fasting, particularly the 16/8 fasting method.

Work and Productivity

  • Peter prioritizes deep work (writing) in the morning 
  • He cherishes the time between 4 am and 7 am as he considers it his golden period of productivity.

Afternoon Routine 

  • Spends most of his afternoon working
  • Takes lunch 
  • Prefers a standing desk to minimize prolonged sitting 
  • Embraces movement to counter the negative effects associated with a sedentary lifestyle

Evening Routine 

  • Takes his dinner
  • Takes sleep-targeted evening supplements 
  • The supplements include 2 grams of glycine, 2 capsules of magnesium L-Threonate, 600 mg of Ashwagandha, and occasional melatonin or phosphatidylserine.
  • Reads historical nonfiction and self-improvement books before bed
  • Carries out various sleep optimization rituals using various strategies and devices including temperature regulation, blue light blocking, putting on eye masks, and continuous glucose monitors.
  • Sleeps for at least 8 hours a day.

Tony Robbins Routine

Tony Robbins Routine

Tony Robbins is an American entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and life and business coach best known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books.

So, how does Tony manage to remain energetic despite his busy schedule?


Tony begins his mornings with an adrenal support cocktail, a priming meditation exercise, a brief workout, a short sauna, and a cold plunge.

  • Wakes up between 7 am and 9 am
  • Takes an adrenal support cocktail consisting of a smoothie made with greens powder, antioxidants, and vitamin C plus methylated B vitamin capsules blended with extra nutrients.
  • Do a 10-minute priming meditation exercise which includes practicing breathing exercises for 1 minute, taking 3 minutes to express gratitude, 3 minutes to experience connection, and 3 minutes visualizing success.
  •  Next is an intense 15-minute workout with a personal trainer which includes using an Osteostrong machine for 5 minutes and 4 minutes in the ROM Quick Gym.
  • Goes for 3-5 minutes sauna and cold plunge
  • Practices back inversion for 2 minutes on a back inversion machine
  • Takes a vitamin shake
  • Takes breakfast consisting of free-range eggs and organic coconut bread or leafy salad with avocado or olive oil.


  • Kicks off with a salad
  • Meets with his team to discuss and organize upcoming meetings and seminars
  • Goes for meetings
  • Spends time with his wife and daughter


  • Takes dinner comprising of organic proteins, vegetables, and potatoes
  • Gets a snack later to replenish his energy
  • Goes for presentations.
  • Meets with his team to review his meetings 
  • Retires to bed for 3-5 hours, usually between 2 and 4 in the morning.

Andrew Huberman Morning Routine

Andrew Huberman Morning Routine

Andrew Huberman is an American neuroscientist, a tenured professor at Stanford University, and a podcaster, largely renowned for his research on the brain and the optimization of its functions.

The neuroscience guru gave the public a sneak peek into his daily routine that helps him stay on top of his physical and mental health.

Andrew Huberman’s Morning Routine 

  • Wakes up naturally between 5:30 am and 6.30 am.
  • Kicks off his day by hydrating with two glasses of water.
  • This is followed by a glass of AG1 by Athletics Greens for the daily dose of important vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.
  • Takes a glass of LMNT, an electrolyte drink.
  • Does Yoga Nidra, a relaxation practice that helps bring the mind and body into a deep relaxation state for 10-30 minutes.
  • Spends a few minutes stretching
  • Goes outside for natural sun exposure for about 10 minutes while walking to promote optic flow.
  • Heads for a workout
  • Rejuvenates with a cup of Yerba Mate 
  • Takes an ice bath or cold shower for a deliberate cold exposure to help build resilience.
  • Takes a healthy breakfast consisting of eggs, avocado, and whole-grain toast
  • Gets ready for work starting with the deep-thinking tasks first.

Andrew Huberman’s Workout Routine 

  • Monday: Leg exercises including calves, quads, and hamstrings.
  • Tuesday: Heat/cold cycling consisting of five rounds of 20 minutes in a hot sauna and 5-minute ice baths.
  • Wednesday: Torso exercises involving push and pull
  • Thursday: Brief cardio exercises such as running, cycling, rowing, and rope jumping.
  • Friday: High-intensity interval training (HIIT).
  • Saturday: Arms, neck, and calve exercises such as triceps dip, incline curls, dumbbell curls, chin up, and triceps kickback.
  • Sunday: Endurance exercises consisting of cardio exercises such as jogging or hiking.

Serge Faguet Daily Routine: Biohacking- How to Slow Down Aging and Increase Longevity

Serge Faguet is an Ukrainian serial entrepreneur and biohacker. He is a customer of longevity doctor Peter Attia

Serge is a wildly renown biohacker who believes he has been able to fully hack his body systems using a logical and science-based approach. He focuses on improving his energy, mood, happiness, intelligence, willpower, health, confidence, and longevity. To achieve this, he has optimized his sleep, nutrition, and exercise and has taken dozens of prescription pills and hundreds of supplements.

This article delves into Serge Faguet’s daily routine, including his morning routine, exercise, nutrition, and sleep routines.

Wake Up

  • Serge naturally wakes between 6.00 a.m. and 7.00 a.m.
  • Takes 2 glasses of water to rehydrate
  • Meditates for between 10-30 minutes
  • Takes up dozens of pills and prescription drugs
  • Takes breakfast at 10.00 a.m. consisting of avocados, olive oil, omelet, grapefruit, and green tea.


  • Faguet’s exercise routine aims to maximize metabolic benefits while minimizing time spent and the risk of injury.
  • He sticks to high-intensity interval training, works for all muscle groups, and pays special attention to the legs.
  • Does a lot of hip hinge exercises, including deadlifts, squats, and leg presses
  • Focuses on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which lasts up to 30 minutes
  • Avoids long periods of sedentary activities like sitting for long hours.

This is what Serge Faguet’s exercise routine looks like:

  1. Gym exercises include 15 15-minute Warmup sessions followed by 45 minutes of hip-hinge exercise and 30-45 minutes of other muscle groups’ exercises 2-3 times a week.
  2. Out of gym 20 minutes HIIT exercises 2-3 times a week including 5 min warmup, 8 sets of 20-30 seconds all-out, 60-90 secs walking, 5 minutes warmdown. 


Serge aims at a diet that maintains stable insulin levels, increases glucose disposal, and optimizes growth factors like IGF-1 and mTOR. He achieves this by taking the following steps:

  • Avoids sugar from his diet and minimizes other products that can trigger glucose spikes. Things like candy, bread, pasta, fruit juice, and chocolate are a no-no for him.
  • Opts for plant-based diet
  • Tries to eat ketogenic (high-fat, low-carb diet)
  • Does intermittent fasting for 3 days a week, taking only one meal per day
  • Eats natural and organic food and avoids processed foods.
  • Avoids salt and alcohol.


Serge uses the following tactics to maximize stress resilience, increase social support, avoid bad moods, and foster a sense of purpose.

  • Practice daily meditation and practices mindfulness. 
  • Psychotherapy
  • Avoids lying and recommends Lying, a short book by Sam Harris.
  • Practices non-monogamy


Serge aims at getting plenty of restorative deep and REM sleep regularly. According to him, the more he sleeps, the less he procrastinates. His key tactics include:

  • Tries to sleep for 8 hours a day
  • Sticks to the same sleep schedule daily
  • Uses Oura Ring to track his sleep cycle and analyzes any changes
  • Sleeps in a calm and humid area
  • Wears blue light-blocking glasses 3-4 hours before going to bed
  • Stops drinking coffee 9 hours before sleeping
  • Avoids taking any form of alcohol before sleeping

Tim Gray Routine: Biohacking for Health and Optimal Performance

Dubbed ‘UK’s leading Biohacker,’ Tim Gray is a psychology specialist, serial entrepreneur, and a successful businessman who has founded and invested in multiple 7-figure businesses, including various digital marketing agencies and London’s first private Hyperbaric Clinic.

Tim is also the founder of Health Optimisation Summit, Europe’s largest health conference, which aims to empower to take ultimate care of their health by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and resources to achieve this. It showcases the best biohacking, nutrition, fitness, preventive and functional medicine.

This article will walk you through Tim Gray’s daily routine, from waking up until lying in bed. 

Wake Up

  • Tim wakes up naturally at 7.00 a.m.
  • Opens curtains and windows to allow in natural light and fresh air
  • Hydrates with reverse osmosis filtered water with added hypertonic and a binder called chlorella.
  • He then carries out his comprehensive oral routine, which involves:
  1. Coconut oil pulling: Coconut oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which help to remove toxins.
  2. Brushing using a soft brush and fluoride-free toothpaste
  3. Spraying his mouth with HOCL spray and other antimicrobials like peppermint, propolis and oregano oil
  4. Tongue scraping: Tim uses a copper tongue scraper to remove bacteria from his tongue. 
  5. Rinsing using Celtic salt water and oral probiotics from Invivo Healthcare to keep his oral microbiome balanced.
  • Takes several Supplements
  • Drinks a cup of butter coffee with collagen
  • Does earthing and grounding for 20 minutes by walking barefoot on the sand
  • Does 15-minute stretches
  • Takes a cold shower
  • Takes a hearty breakfast consisting of nitrate-free bacon, duck eggs, and a whey protein shake with A2 dairy.


  • Tim Gray mainly focuses on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength exercises.
  • He does stretches and push-ups.
  • Engages a functional practitioner in his exercise regimen to help rebalance his body
  • He also uses a Vitruvian trainer daily for a 20-minute workout.
  • He does 2 hyperbaric oxygen sessions per week.


  • Tim works remotely from home or on beaches.
  • Works from a standing desk with a rebounder and a grounding pad next to it to keep his lymphatic system flowing.
  • Likes to hold meetings outdoors while walking barefoot on the grass whenever possible to connect with the earth.
  • Loves to walk around as much as possible and use weights while working throughout the day.


  • Gray’s focus regarding nutrition isn’t about severe restrictions but making smart choices that promote optimal body function.
  • His diet mainly consists of sustainably farmed, local, organic meat, preferably beef or lamb, fermented foods such as sauerkraut, dark leafy greens like spinach, avocados, and berries.
  • He also incorporates supplements like phospholipids and BCAA + EAA + Glutamine + Creatine + Taurine for amino acids to fill any nutritional gap.
  • Avoids alcohol and eating after 6.00 p.m 


  • Gray integrates mindfulness into his daily routine by meditating regularly.
  • He strives to maintain a positive mindset even amid challenges.
  • He also practices silent reflection and journaling to keep his mental health in check.
  • Tim has self-affirmation sessions as well.
  • Must read at least 20 pages of a book daily


  • Tim Gray aims at getting 8 hours of high-quality sleep that rejuvenates the body and mind.
  • He switches off all lights and puts on red-toned lights.
  • He also wears blue-blocking glasses. 
  • Turns off all the WI-FI and sockets in his house.
  • Likes to sleep with a blackout blind and a face mask 
  • He also tapes his mouth to ensure proper breathing.
  • Completely puts off his phone.
  • Tim uses a combination of innovative biohacking gadgets, including an Oura Ring, Apollo Neuro, and ChiliPad, to track his sleep patterns.