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Dr. Sam Bunting Morning Routine

Dr. Sam Bunting is a renowned London-based cosmetic dermatologist and entrepreneur who believes that self-care begins with self-awareness. She opines that adopting certain habits will enable you to win your morning and consequently your day.

Wake Up:

  • Dr Sam wakes up at 7.00 am.
  • She then starts her day by practicing Vedic meditation for exactly 22 minutes. This process involves using a mantra to settle the mind and find internal peace for the day.
  • She sets the meditation mood right by ensuring that the room smells nice which she achieves by lighting jasmine-scented candles.
  • After meditation, Dr Sam goes for a workout to fuel her body and boost her overall wellness. She combines HIIT on a rowing machine for cardio and resistance training with weights for strength.
  • She then jumps in for a cold shower spending between 1-2 minutes in cold water to help enhance her mood and boost alertness.
  • She then goes ahead to take a protein-rich breakfast.

Physical Activity:

  • To fuel her body, Dr Sam carries out invigorating exercises to boost energy levels and improve general wellness.
  • She uses a combination of HIIT exercises with a roller and cardio exercises to get a total body workout in a short period. 
  • She also practices strength exercises using weights.


  • Dr Sam nourishes her body by taking protein-dense diets which ensure optimal nutrition for both her mind and body.
  • For breakfast, she prioritizes protein-rich foods such as bagels, yogurt, nuts, and seeds. She prefers a cup of English breakfast with a dash of oat milk. She also incorporates blueberries for a healthy dose of antioxidants.
  • She avoids taking caffeine outside breakfast
  • She takes nicotinamide mononucleotide supplements to promote cellular mitochondrial health and brain function.
  • For lunch, Dr Sam prefers sweet potatoes with spices plus greens such as avocado, cherry tomatoes, rocket,  and seeds or sweet potatoes with feta, falafel, and smoked salmon.
  • May take a cup of decaffeinated coffee after eating.
  • Snacks on an apple with a spoonful of nut butter.
  • Healthy curries or baked salmon with spinach and tahini make dinner for Dr Sam.
  • To wind down, she has ginger or mint tea and on some occasions, Tony’s Salt Caramel chocolate or a couple of candy kittens.

Work Day

  • Dr Sam spends most of her day in a flow state, fully absorbed in work with no space to get bored or worried.
  • She takes short breaks during work and practices a process called physiological sigh which involves taking deep breaths followed by long exhaling.
  • This takes about 3-5 minutes and helps improve oxygenation and keep her calm and alert.

Evening Routine 

  • Dr Sam’s evenings are mainly focused on relaxation.
  • At 10 pm, she switches off all screens to prep her mind for sleep
  • She then performs her pre-bed rituals which include having a warm bath, doing a night skincare routine, playing some classical music, and dimming lights.
  • She takes magnesium supplementation to help increase her dopamine levels.
  • For better relaxation and sleep, Dr Sam practices Yoga Nidra especially when she is having trouble switching off.