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Dave Pascoe Routine

Dave Pascoe is a retired systems engineer who is now a biohacker with a desire to prolong not only his health span but also his lifespan. What amazes us about this guy is his looks at 61 years old:

This is what his daily routine looks like.


  • Dave wakes up naturally without any alarm
  • He kicks off his day by engaging in 8 minutes of Bemer B. Body mat therapy and lower back stretches.
  • Listens to podcasts or audiobooks
  • Goes for his morning exercises which include 5 minutes on a mini trampoline, floor stretching for 15 minutes, another 15 minutes with a foam roller when necessary, and 5 minutes on an inversion table (this is also done by Tony Robbins).
  • Begins his morning care routine which involves brushing his teeth, tongue scraping, washing his face, weight check, and reviewing his sleep scores using fitness trackers such as Oura, Whoop, Garmin, and Eight Sleep.
  • Takes his morning supplements, proteolytic enzymes, bioregulators, and Qualia Senolytic followed by home-brewed lemon tea mixed with probiotics, fruit and vegetable vitamins, minerals, and collagen peptides.
  • Goes for a 20-minute Joovy session hopefully before sunrise followed by a CAROL Bike sprint


  • Prepares and takes his pre/post-workout supplement shake which includes ingredients like Rosita cod liver oil, C60 in EVOO, BulletProof MCT oil, and Siberian sea buckthorn oil.
  • Goes for sunrise exposure if the weather is warm followed by an outdoor walk or run.
  • Opts for a treadmill session in colder months
  • Commences P9OX workout or Exercise Snacks throughout the day including TapoutXT 8-Pack Abs XT and P90X Ab RipperX.
  • Enjoys an infrared sauna session and meditation for 25-45 minutes.
  • Applies daily peptides when necessary
  • Takes a shower using Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap and moisturizes with La Roche body lotion
  • Eats breakfast accompanied by proteolytic enzymes for better digestion


  • Occasionally takes lunch, primarily opting for nutritious alternatives together with proteolytic enzymes when not too busy 
  • Watches YouTube videos while eating


  • Takes a break from podcasts, audiobooks, and YouTube videos
  • Takes  dinner typically between 3-5 pm
  • Takes his evening supplements
  • Watches Netflix while dining.


  • Switches to smart home features to minimize exposure to blue light
  • Puts on blue blocking glasses
  • Continues to watch Netflix while practising balance and flexibility exercises
  • Enjoys two kiwi fruits
  • Occasionally snacks on pistachios and chlorella
  • Practices his bedtime routine which includes dental flossing, brushing his teeth, cleansing his face, and applying skincare treatments.
  • Prepares for sleep by supplementing with collagen peptides, ketone ester, and rapamycin.
  • Uses a Bemer B. Body mat to aid sleep
  • Takes time in prayer and gratitude reflection before sleeping.