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Gary Brecka Routine

Gary Brecka is a researcher, human biologist, biohacker, anti-aging, and longevity expert who focuses on helping people become the best versions of themselves. This is what his daily routine looks like:


  • Wakes up at daybreak
  • Splashes water on his face
  • Brushes his teeth
  • Takes a cold shower or gets into a cold plunge for between 1-3 minutes
  • Takes hydrogenated water
  • Exposes himself to sunlight with minimal clothing
  • Does grounding or earthing which involve stepping on the ground barefoot. 
  • Does breathwork for about 8 minutes  which includes 3 rounds of 30 breaths with an extended breath hold in between


  • Takes breakfast 
  • Goes for work
  • Takes time to reflect and reenergize the mind


  • Breaks for lunch consisting of a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic, and moderate-protein diet.


  • Gary aims for at least 6-8 hours of deep sleep
  • For better sleep, he avoids taking caffeine 10 hours before bed
  • He also avoids taking food and alcohol 3 hours before bed.
  • To prepare for bedtime, Gary dims lights to minimize the effects of melatonin.
  • His other before-bed rituals include stretching, taking a warm bath, drinking bedtime tea, breathing exercises, and journaling.

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