Andrew Huberman Routine

Andrew Huberman Morning Routine

Andrew Huberman is an American neuroscientist, a tenured professor at Stanford University, and a podcaster, largely renowned for his research on the brain and the optimization of its functions.

The neuroscience guru gave the public a sneak peek into his daily routine that helps him stay on top of his physical and mental health.

Andrew Huberman’s Morning Routine 

  • Wakes up naturally between 5:30 am and 6.30 am.
  • Kicks off his day by hydrating with two glasses of water.
  • This is followed by a glass of AG1 by Athletics Greens for the daily dose of important vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.
  • Takes a glass of LMNT, an electrolyte drink.
  • Does Yoga Nidra, a relaxation practice that helps bring the mind and body into a deep relaxation state for 10-30 minutes.
  • Spends a few minutes stretching
  • Goes outside for natural sun exposure for about 10 minutes while walking to promote optic flow.
  • Heads for a workout
  • Rejuvenates with a cup of Yerba Mate 
  • Takes an ice bath or cold shower for a deliberate cold exposure to help build resilience.
  • Takes a healthy breakfast consisting of eggs, avocado, and whole-grain toast
  • Gets ready for work starting with the deep-thinking tasks first.

Andrew Huberman’s Workout Routine 

  • Monday: Leg exercises including calves, quads, and hamstrings.
  • Tuesday: Heat/cold cycling consisting of five rounds of 20 minutes in a hot sauna and 5-minute ice baths.
  • Wednesday: Torso exercises involving push and pull
  • Thursday: Brief cardio exercises such as running, cycling, rowing, and rope jumping.
  • Friday: High-intensity interval training (HIIT).
  • Saturday: Arms, neck, and calve exercises such as triceps dip, incline curls, dumbbell curls, chin up, and triceps kickback.
  • Sunday: Endurance exercises consisting of cardio exercises such as jogging or hiking.

Dietary Choices

Andrew’s diet is as disciplined as his workout routine:

  • Morning Fasting – He fasts until around 11 AM.
  • First Meal – Typically a combination of meat, berries, rice, oatmeal, and vegetables.
  • Afternoon Snack – Includes a protein shake, nuts, and jerky sticks to maintain energy levels.
  • Dinner – His evening meals are higher in carbohydrates, providing fuel for recovery and the next day’s activities.

Stress Management

To keep stress levels in check, Andrew utilizes the physiological sigh, a simple breathing technique that helps quickly reduce stress and promote calmness.


Andrew’s supplement stack is comprehensive, aimed at supporting overall health, hormonal balance, and recovery:

  • Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis – For hormonal support.
  • Fish Oil – For its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ginger and Digestive Enzymes – To aid digestion.
  • Zinc, Boron, and Vitamin D/K2 – For immune support and bone health.
  • Grape Seed Extract – For its antioxidant benefits.
  • Magnesium and Apigenin – To support sleep and relaxation.