in Bryan Johnson, Haircare

Bryan Johnson hair health routine

First thing in the morning – red light therapy for 6 minutes

Secondly applies custom hair formulation: (applied once or twice per day)

Caffeine USP 1%
Finasteride USP 0.25%
Minoxidil USP 5%
Azelaic Acid 1.5%
Diclofenac 0.5%
Tea Tree Oil 5%
Rosemary Oil 0.37%
Ginko Biloba 0.05%
Biotin 0.01%
Melatonin USP 0.0033%

Third – microneedeling

FourthGrey Hair reversal

GR7 – 3-4x per week + Mayraki 1-2x per week

Current skincare routine 2024 January

Official routine

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